INNISFREE Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml

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Major ingredientsGreen tea extract (73.3%), Niacin amide, Cactus extract, Orchid extract,Camellia extract, Orange extract, Grapefruit extract, Vergamot extract, Tangerine extract

Product descriptionOrganic fresh Jeju's green tea extract with rich animo acid and mineral extract give moisturized skin.Non sticky moisture protection, keeping moisture until next day.Natural nutrition capsule's antioxidant extract give clear and vital glowing skin.4 free system (paraben,diaoxine,color,animality)

How to useAt night after skin care, apply avoiding eyes and lip area, sleep.

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INNISFREE Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml


Brand Innisfree
Capacity 80ml
Weight 180 g

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