Urban Dollkiss Secret-Zone Oil #1 (Rose), 10ml

Brand: Urban Dollkiss
Product Code: Urban Dollkiss Secret-Zone Oil #1 (Rose), 10ml
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How to use : Hip bath, bathing-Fend off makes use 2-3 drops in a bath. Menstruation - sanitary napkins earlier, the wings, one will drop Fend off. Below navel, waist dwiseon point in the middle, it is recommended can be used as is. Others menstrual period - a panty line under the navel line, will drop Fend off. If you want a natural fragrance, I recommend you use the side cuffs, collar and armpits.

Product Features : Aggressive, but gentle fragrance, seep naturally helps cover the smell of the feminine menstrual period. Anytime, anywhere throughout the four seasons, it will hide the smell of the female menstrual period to the fragrance of the product.

Brand Urban Dollkiss
Capacity 10ml
Weight 53g

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