ESFOLIO Foot & Heel Peeling Mask

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ESFOLIO foot & Heel peeling mask


The esfolio foot & heel peeling mask that is excellent dead-cells removal effect is softly stripped dead cells away

without buffer or scrubs. It is special foot mask that makes up soft and moist that Fruit complex ( papaya, lemon,

grapefruit etc.) is softtened foot's keratin, and herb complex (jasmin, lavender, rosmary etc.) is soothing and 

providing your foot nutrition highly moisturizing hand mask that maskes up dry hand soft and smooth by moist

moisturizing effect.

How to use :

1 After cleansing your feet, remove the water

2 After cutting the pouch along the dotted line that contains the contents, open the sheet. And insert contents by

opening foot sheet

3 After wearing a foot sheet to put the contents on both sides.In approximately 1 hour~ 1 hour 30 minutes to take a break.

4 Take them off and rinse the clean water not to remain contents.

5 About 4-6 days later, It begins to peel of dead skin cells.

6 2week later, you will find a smooth neat feet.

Brand Esfolio
Capacity 1
Weight 67 g

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