NATURE REPUBLIC REAL SQUEEZE ALOE VERA Peeling foot mask 50g (1 pair)

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Product Code: NATURE REPUBLIC REAL SQUEEZE ALOE VERA Peeling foot mask 50g
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● Products DescriptionFoot socks mask has an intense peeling effect due to natural fruit AHA acids. Foot mask removes corns, calluses, flaking dead skin, easily penetrates through the protective barrier of the skin Has the most powerful peeling effect. It restores smoothness and softness.AHA acids or fruit acids used in the formulation of external agents and as peelings.Aloe vera has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin and helps it retain moisture, reduces inflammation. It has a soothing, moisturizing properties. It is effective for aging skin, acne. It has a powerful healing and regenerating effect, enhancing metabolic processes. ● How to use1. Wash your feet clean and then thoroughly dry.2. Wear the foot masks as socks on bare feet. Remove after 1 or 1.5 hour and rinse feet with lukewarm water clean.3. 4-7 days after use dead skin layer will start to peel off, the foot skin will be completely peeled off and renewed within 3-5 days.* Adjust the wearing time, depending on skin condition.* Dead skin peeling and intensity may differ from individual features of your skin.

Brand Nature Republic
Capacity 25g*2ea
Weight 108 g

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