APIEU 3-STEP Silky Hands Maker 1ea

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Brand: A'PIEU
Product Code: APIEU 3-STEP Silky Hands Maker 1ea
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● Products DescriptionAPIEU 3-STEP Silky Hands Maker 1eaScrub + nail sheet pack + hand cream 3-Step rough hands rich nutrition silky care. Step1 > Various size granules with fine scrub.Step2 > Essence on sheet for easy daily activity.  Step3 > Rich amount with nutrition hand cream for moisture honey hands.  ● How to useStep1 : On dry hands use scrub, massage and rinse lightly. Step2 : Remove nail pack one by one and place on fingers.           : After 10-15 minutes remove sheet and pat excess essence while rubbing.Step3 : Lastly, apply hand cream evenly.   
Brand A'PIEU
Capacity 3ml+2ml*2ea+4ml
Weight 25 g

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