PUREBESS Smart PPC Cream 120ml

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PUREBESS Smart PPC Cream 120ml



1. Intensive Cellulite Care- Capsaicin.

Capsaicin helps decompose subcutaneous fat. 

It is an hot slimming body cream effective for body cellulite.

2. Hot Effect with Hot Red Granules

ed granules give off heat popped on skin and it brights a synergy effect for body slimming.

3. Body Lift Up!

Copper tripeptide 11 felps lift up saggy skin.

Palmitoy1 Pentapeptide-3 which promotes to generate collagen and elastin gives skin elasticity and smoothness.

4. Excretion of toxin and circulation

Heating effect tightens skin and boosts cells activity, which helps excrete toxin and skin wastes.

It smoothes skin.

5. Fresh Felling and No Stickiness

It's absorbed quickly into skin without stickiness.

It is easy and convenient to use daily.

How to Use

Apply ti body especially where has much cellelite such as hips, thighs, and belly after taking a shower.

Massage until absorbed.


1.Apply in the order of feets, legs chast, and hips. Massage circling.

2. Apply more to whrer intensive care is needs and massage enough.

3. Massage waist and belly making spiral circles. Massage side waist pinching and flicking gently.

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity 120ml
Weight 185 g

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