MISSHA In Shower Comfort Hair Removal Cream (Nomal) 100g

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Brand: Missha
Product Code: MISSHA In Shower Comfort Hair Removal Cream (Nomal) 100g
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● Products Description

Contains Chamomile Extract for moisturizing and soothing treatment. Smoothing care leaves skin soft after use.

Quick & effective hair removal cream comes with soft marshmallow-like sponge.

Contains Softening Oil for hair softening and Thioglycolic Acid for effective hair removal.

● How to use

Before showering, apply a thick layer onto skin to completely cover hair on desired area.You can shower once the cream is applied to the areas to be treated.After 90 seconds to 3 minutes, use sponge to remove cream and hair. Rinse thoroughly.Depending on skin conditions, hair may not have completely removed. In that case, leave cream on for an extra 2-3 minutes and then remove.

Brand Missha
Capacity 100g
Weight 198 g

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