MISSHA Brush Cleaner 1ea

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Brand: Missha
Product Code: MISSHA Brush Cleaner 1ea
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● Products DescriptionMISSHA Brush Cleaner 1eaAfter brush cleansing, use without drying for all time clean use.Makeup impurities on sponge to prevent colors mixing for clear color express.On black sponge, after brush cleansing white spong cleansing check for clean brush texture.   ● How to use1. Use makeup stain brush to cleanse on black sponge.2. Use cleansed brush on inner white sponge to brush gently to double cleanse and check.*TIP1. Flip when one side of sponge gets dirty.2. Sponge can be cleanse with water.3. Wet white sponge for higher color UP!  
Brand Missha
Capacity 1ea
Weight 48 g

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