HOLIKAHOLIKA AC Mild Cleansing Foam 150ml

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Brand: HolikaHolika
Product Code: HOLIKAHOLIKA AC Mild Cleansing Foam 150ml
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● Product description

1. Completed non-comedogenic test

Non-comedogenic means that it does not cause acne, so it is suitable for acne skin that passed clinical test by applying a mild and safe prescription except ingredients that cause more acne or deteriorate.

2. Skin irritation test completed

It is a non-irritating product that has completed clinical testing of skin irritation for safe use even for sensitive skin.

3. Mild cleansing foam suitable for acne skin

Cleansing Foam that softly cleanses oily skin with soft and dense foam, and helps relieve acne skin


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HOLIKAHOLIKA AC Mild Cleansing Foam 150ml



Brand HolikaHolika
Capacity 150ml
Weight 210 g

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