LANEIGE Blackhead Melting Gel 20ml

Brand: Laneige
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LANEIGE Blackhead Melting Gel 20ml


Product Benefits
Melting Gel containing Keratinase enzyme which effectively melts down dead skin cells like blackhead and
easily rollable silicon melting-massager create synergy effect to melt down dead skin cells and blackheads
that aare clogging trouble-prone areas of nose and he surrounding areas.
Keratinase mostly made of Keratin which is effective in dissolving excess dead skin cells and blackhead is superior to AHA, commonly used for dissolving dead skin cells in less damaging but more effective way of melting and removing blackhead clogged poreand dead skin cells. It facilitates skin cell turn-over and changes dark and rough skin surface into smoother and brighter skin.


How to use

After using melting gel, leave some moisture on  your nose. Lightly press the strip's adhesive side against the center of your damp nose. (Do not apply water directly to the strip because the water melts the content of the strip and extends drying time.)

Walt about 10~15minutes until the strip is completely dried before pulling the strip off slowly from both edges. Apply some toner.

Recommended Use is 1~2 time a week which can be alterd depending on your skin condition.

Brand Laneige
Capacity 20ml
Weight 93g

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