CLIO Micro-Fessional Cleansing Oil Balm 80ml

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Brand: CLIO
Product Code: CLIO Micro-Fessional Cleansing Oil Balm 80ml
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● Products DescriptionThe micro fluidized particles thoroughly cleanse even the hard to reach areas of skin and remove all traces of makeup andimpurities trapped in pores.Simply massaging this balm over dry skin is enough for a thorough cleansing.The wash off formula rinses off easily with water without leaving behind and residue.The Purifying Complex™ soothes and moisturizes skin while creating a protective moisture barrier, keeping your skin soft and hydrated after cleansing. ● How to use1.Dispense asmall amount with the enclosed spatula.2.Use the warmth of your hands to melt the balm.3.Gently massage over dry skin to melt away all traces of make up and impurities.4.To remove heavy lip and eye make up, use your fingertips to gently message the area.5.Once your make up has dissolved completely, rinse with water.6.Clio Micre-fessional cleansing oil balm alone can give you thoroughly cleansed skin!

Brand CLIO
Capacity 80ml
Weight 216 g

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