MAXCLINIC Refining Truffle Oil Foam 110g

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Product Code: [SALE] MAXCLINIC Refining Truffle Oil Foam 110g
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● Products DescriptionFermented vehetable oil melts the waste without irritation,transforms into microloam and helps you wash your face clean.It contains noble truffle oil that that eliminales active oxygen and makes skin resilient.Fermented oil that has more fine particles than normal oil prevents dryness of skin and helpsmakin skin hydratedIt contains nature-originated oil that fells skin with nourishment and helps controlling oil and moisture balanceIt contains luxurious pure gold that helps cooling down sensitive skin.● How to use1.Pumps 3 tod 4 times and apply the refining truffle oil foam over the face with make-up on.(for morrings,use smallquaritify by pumping 1 to 2times)2.Met the make-up by massaging every inch of the face softely with finger tips.3.Sufficiently wet the brush, make bubble, and dosecondary foam cleansing.when not using a brush, add some water to hands and make foam to use it.4.Wish off with tepid water and finish with cold water.

Capacity 110g
Weight 320 g

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