MAXCLINIC Rose Vitamin Oil Foam 110g

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Product Code: [SALE] MAXCLINIC Rose Vitamin Oil Foam 110g
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● Products DescriptionFine natural bubbles help cleanly remove waste and makeup residue.Better cleansing with aoil rolling massage to help remove dead skin cells and blackheads from inside pores.Rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids to alleviate skin stress and cullivate smooth, glossy skin.Lots of rosehip oil and vitamin C content to restore skin condition with excellent brightening to clear up dark skin.Only light oils are chosen to adjust moisture balance with natural oils deep into the skin.● How to use1.Use dry hands to pump rose vitamin Oil Foam 2-3 times onyour face with makeup and spread evenly.(pump 1-2 timesduring morning washing)2.Gently massage your entire face with your hand to dissolve makeup.3.Wet a brush with sufficient water, then gently draw a circle over your entire face and massage with bubbles.(You canalso use your bare hand)4.Wash clean in lukewarm water, then fivish with cold water.

Capacity 110g
Weight 300 g

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