CIRACLE Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads 35pads + 70ml

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Product Code: CIRACLE Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads 35pads + 70ml
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 ● Products Description

- Removes old keratin and old yellowish sebum to creat moist and smooth ceramic-like skin.

- Get rid of uneven skin irregularities such as wrinkles and pores for fine makeup.

- You can check the smooth and clear skin less than a week after use of skin peeling pad,

    -> After 4 weeks, the skin tone appers even and clear.

    -> After 8 weeks, you can get pore tightening effect and skin firming effect.

- Neatly removes skin impurities, harmful material from oustide environment, sebum, dead skin and etc.

- Helps the pores to comfortably breathe and normalizes the skin balance and biological rhythms of the skin.

- Embossed surface removes dead skin cells and sebum, smooth surface calms irritated skin.

- Moisturizes to create moist and smooth skin.

 ● How to use

* First of all, please pour the solution onto filling pad.

1. After washing, take out 1 sheet using tweezers and gently wipe off the entire face with embossed side. (Recommended to 3-4 times with 1 sheet)

2. Gently wipe off face using smooth surface by tapping to absorb the liquid and clean skin texture.

3. Not necessary to wash face after use, go on a basic care.

Capacity 35pads + 70ml
Weight 238 g

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