MEMEBOX Reme+G 3-in-1 Aqua Peeler Kit

Product Code: MEMEBOX Reme+G 3-in-1 Aqua Peeler Kit
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Reme+G 3-in-1 Aqua Peeler Kit
● Products Description
Reme+G’s 3-in-1 Aqua Peeler Kit distills Korea's new trendy "aqua peel" treatment into a convenient all-in-one packet. First, gently remove dead skin cells with a hydrating and exfoliating complex saturated in a large cotton swab. Then, nourish and brighten the skin with a vitamin serum. Finish off with a soothing sheet mask with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. 
● How to use

Step 1: Sweep cotton swab over targeted areas of the face, concentrating on the rougher areas of skin such as T-zone and around nose. Discard after use.

Step 2: Apply serum by gently patting it into the skin for maximum absorption.

Step 3: Fit sheet mask to face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes to lock in moisture.

See brighter and smoother skin immediately!

Capacity 1EA
Weight 100g

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