THE FACE SHOP Soft Facial Exfoliating Pad 8g*5ea

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Brand: The Face Shop
Product Code: THE FACE SHOP Soft Facial Exfoliating Pad 8g*5ea
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● Products DescriptionSoft exfoliating pad that provides peeling effect and removes wastes, harden keratin easily, with light rubbing massage.Double-sided micro-pad is filled with gum juice to reduce skin irritation and provide gentle exfoliationFormulated with five grains (Mung bean, black soybean, rice, barley, millet seed) to provide natural peeling effect● How to use1. After cleansing, gently rub face with the exfoliating pad.2. Gently exfoliate the keratin by gently rubbing around the cheeks and forehead.3. Carefully scrub skin and avoid sensitive areas as skin around eyes, etc.4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. (Please use the back side only)

Brand The Face Shop
Capacity 8g*5ea
Weight 54 g

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