CLIO Micro-Fessional Lip&Eye Remover 150ml

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Brand: CLIO
Product Code: CLIO Micro-Fessional Lip&Eye Remover 150ml
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● Products DescriptionCLIO Micro-Fessional Lip&Eye Remover 150mlThe Micro-Fessional Lip & Eye Remover is a dual formula with a powerful cleansing oil and water layer that removes even the hardest of makeup.Contains Purifying Complex ™ (Olive Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Extract, Lotus Flower Extract) to help soothe and hydrate your skin.● How to use1. Before use, shake lightly 2 ~ 3 times to mix water layer and oil layer.2. Pour an appropriate amount of remover on cotton and moisten the cotton.3. Put on at the make-up area for about 10 seconds.4. Gently wipe the make-up gently wringing it down.  
Brand CLIO
Capacity 150ml
Weight 239 g

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