BELIF Mild and Effective Facial Scrub 100ml

Product Code: BELIF Mild and Effective Facial Scrub 100ml
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Mild and Effective Facial Scrub 

Capacity : 100ml

Made in South Korea

Mild and effective facial scrub is a soft but effective facial scrub

which exfoliates with natural exfoliant lygodium japonicum and

unblocks your pores with fibers extracted from French cotton plant.

The facial scrub containing Napiers formula

DTX frees you and your skin from stressful dead cells.

How to use

Dry your face after cleansing and squeeze a proper amount of the scrub on your palm. Spread the scrub over your face avoiding the eyes and mouth. Gently massage your face for 30 seconds. When dead cells come off, rinse the scrub with warm water.
Capacity 100ml
Weight 253 g

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