APIEU Gel Nail LED Lamp (220V)

Brand: A'PIEU
Product Code: APIEU Gel Nail LED Lamp (220V)
Availability: In Stock
● Products Description
Three strong LED lamp quickly and perfectly dries gel nail.
Wider curing area to cure even pedicure.
Press on button once for 30 seconds, twice for 60 seconds of curing setting.
Light and portable easy type.
● How to use
1. Before coloring use buffer to clean nails, use nail remover to remove oil.
2. Apply color until free edge.
3. Cure for 60 seconds.
* For clearer color repeat 2-3 times.
(180x90x65mm / 220V)
Brand A'PIEU
Capacity 180*90*65mm
Weight 250g

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