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Park Juns Home Hair care



How to use the Treatment Heating Cap?

After washing hair, towel dry hair, apply lavishly you

r favourite treatment lotion/cream especially on the tip of your hair. Put on a shower cap (for extra precaution).

Put on the treatment heating cap and plug in the 2-point switch into your power point and turn it on. Cap will slowly heat up.

It will not be too heated; just the right amount of heat will be applied.

Leave on for around 10 -15 minutes as desired.

Remove cap and leave hair to cool down to prevent hair follicles from being damaged when you just wash off after heating.

Wash with cold water after hair has completely cooled down to give your hair the shine and sheen! Voila!


If you feel uncomfortable, which is unlikely, for any reason, remove the cap immediately.

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity -
Weight 507 g

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