(LG) VONIN The Style Emulsion 135ml

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Brand: VONIN
Product Code: (LG) VONIN The Style Emulsion 135ml
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● Products DescriptionVONIN offers skin care products for young, independent men looking to shape their own style and exude quiet confidence. Launched in 2011, the brand carries aftershave, face masks, sunblock and cleansers with an emphasis on skin whitening and anti-aging. VONIN also offers an exclusive athletic skincare line so men can look and feel their best on and off the field. VONIN is part of the LG Household and Heath Care Ltd. family, which also carries TheFaceShop, The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo, among others. All VONIN products are manufactured in South Korea.- Controls sebum. - Supplies revitalizing moisture for men’s dry skin and makes smoother skin surface.● How to useAfter shaving and washing your face, dispense an ample amount onto the palm and smooth over the entire face.
Capacity 135ml
Weight 525 g

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