APIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Cap 35g

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Brand: A'PIEU
Product Code: APIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Cap 35g
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● Products Description

   -Acidulous fit for the scalp!   -The acid in vinegar keeps the scalp healthily acidulous and perfects    oil-moisture balance!   -A drop of vinegar for crumbly hair!   -Vinegar care is essential to care for dry hair and stimulated scalp!   -The sweet raspberry aroma cares the smell of the scalp and leaves     the hair with soft residue!   -No artificial pigment!   -Colorless for not having artificial pigments and being natural! ● How to use 

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   - A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Cap 35g
Brand A'PIEU
Capacity 35g
Weight 285 g

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