MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Pack 40g*5ea

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Product Code: [SALE] MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Pack 40g*5ea
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● Products DescriptionMEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Pack 40g*5eaUsing the product, you can easily steam care at home.When using the product for damaged hair, it helps to provide elastic hair.Containing rich protein goat milkGoat milk is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, giving moisturizing and elasticity to the hair.Baby Cotton Scent ● How to use1. After shampooing, remove the water and collect the hair and wear the steam pack.2. Please use the sticker to lock the hair without flowing down.3. Please massage lightly. After 10 ~ 15 minutes, remove the pack and rinse.4. Rinse your hair and dry it.  
Capacity 40g*5ea
Weight 407 g

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