DAENGGIMEORI New Gold Premium shampoo 500g

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Brand: Other Cosmetic
Product Code: DAENGGIMEORI New Gold Premium shampoo 500g
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New Gold

Premium shampoo

Shampoocontainsa valuablecomplex oforganicextracts,includingBrown algae, ginseng,skullcap,caneBaikalairandgreen tea.A highPercentageof extractsof herbsprovidesfirmingandtoning effect, contributing to the growthof the hair.As a result of the use of the hair getsstrength andshine.

In the shampooisthe blowingagentproducedby natural means,whichprovides

the mostcareful andgentle cleansingof the hair and scalp.Contains nodyes.

How to use

1.Apply a smallamount of shampooto wet hair.

2.Massage yourfew minutesin circular motions,thenrinsethoroughly.

3.For best results,if youuse a conditionerafter shampooing.

4. suitablefor daily use

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity 500ml
Weight 700 g

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