MISSHA Orga Pure Hair Set 500ml*2+500ml+105ml

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Brand: Missha
Product Code: MISSHA Orga Pure Hair Set 500ml*2+500ml+105ml
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● Product description

MISSHA Orga Pure Treatment 500ml

Efficient factor containing hair supple, long-lasting light hair factor and nutritional essence, a variety of nutritional supplements, can eliminate static hair, hair repair wounds;

effective hair conditioning and humidity, provide adequate nutrients for hair growth, long-lasting nourishment.

MISSHA Orga Pure Hair Essence 105ml

An essence mist that protects hair against the external environment, including fine dust, while providing moisture and suppleness to damaged hair with a moisture coating

MISSHA Orga Pure Shampoo 500ml

No silicon to reduce irritation on scalp supply nutrition for healthy hair care.


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MISSHA Orga Pure Hair Set 500ml*2+500ml+105ml



Brand Missha
Capacity 500ml*2+500ml+105ml
Weight 2000 g

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