TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Pink Girl Jelly Base 40ml

Brand: Too Cool for School
Product Code: TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Pink Girl Jelly Base 40ml
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Too Cool For School Pink girl jelly base


Pore cover
Silicon particles cover the pores and skin blemishes naturally makes the skin, the makeup takes good


Skiny makeup base
By keeping .makeup contains molsturizing aloe vera water filled base is pushed without skin symptoms


How to use

1. Pumping 1-2 times on the fingers after completing skincare Please
At once, rather than a large amount ot thinly Reapply

2. Meticulous brush or by hand, and thinly spread
BB cream at the base of the back of the liancl cream and jelly may be used by mixing

3. Absorbed smoothly after the BB cream or blemish foundation

Brand Too Cool for School
Capacity 40ml
Weight 60g

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