BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream 35g

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BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream 35g



As much as you put it on, as pure as your skin will look. Skin natural system-as you put it on for more times, skin looks ptu-er and more natural.Strong moisturizing "AQUA RUSH WATER DROP BB CREAM" Supplying moisture deep into the skin and building moist cover - strong moisturizing "AQUA RUSH WATER DROP BB CREAM".Plus, mineral & nutrition supplying. Deep ocean water and 7 kinds of flower ext supply lots of minerals and nutrition.


AQUA RUSH Water Holding Effect

 STEP 1. Supptyin~ mineral water drops

Partictes with lots of moisture are spread on skin, and burst water dripswhi[e supplying fresh moisture with mineral and vegetable nutrition.

STEP 2. Absorption of moisture and constructing moist cover.

White expressing moist skin by gathering moisture on the surface ofthe skin, it supp|ies moisture and minerats deep into the skin


STEP 3. Protecting moisture for a long time.Vegetable oil ingredient and effective ingredients cover skin smoothly to protectmoisture of the skin from evaporatinf~ and keep skin moist and etastic for a long time.

Brand BRTC
Capacity 35g
Weight 108 g

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