Baviphat Baby Cheek Cream Blusher #1 Baby Pink

Brand: Baviphat
Product Code: Baviphat Baby Cheek Cream Blusher #1 Baby Pink
Availability: In Stock

How to use :Take an appropriate amount on the back of the hand Apply a small amount spread outward from the center with your finger. When you want a darker color, touch a small amount several times to express the desired color.

Product Features :No worries erased a long endurance, Contain a number of moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, there is no worry of the dryness and pulling. What it can be neatly and can express the desired color with just a few touches. Portulaca Oleracea extract, such as guava leaf extract contains a plant extract. Even sensitive face can be used without irritation to the skin and can produce vivid.

Brand Baviphat
Capacity 10ml
Weight 16g

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