MAMONDE Creamy Multi Color Balm 7.5g

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Brand: Mamonde
Product Code: MAMONDE Creamy Multi Color Balm 7.5g
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● Products DescriptionCheek #01-04Soft and clean transparent application for vital fruit makeup finish crayon type blusher. Improved cream stick dullness, gives transparent cheeks touch. Basic coral color to vivid pink color for all with 4 colors.Powdery finish, light rub gives natural silky cheeks touch finish. Highlighter / Shading #05-07Gives own skin like soft application, crayon type highlighter to give glowing skin look. Gives clean and soft application for natural contour with crayon type shading. Skin glowing highlighter stick and non redness shadow color for natural contour express. Gives contouring makeup like highlighter and shading soft express.Powdery finish use to pat and rub for natural makeup finish.● How to use#01-04Select color, draw lightly onto cheeks and use fingers or cushion puffto pat and apply for fresh vital blusher look. #05-06Highlighter color from outer cheeks to lower C shape application,use fingers or cushion puff to pat and apply for glowing skin finish. #07Use shading color to apply lightly onto chinuse fingers to rub and pat gently and blend.Next, use excessive amount to blend upward for natural shading finish.

Brand Mamonde
Capacity 7.5g
Weight 54 g

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