ARITAUM Idol Pen Liner 0.6ml

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Brand: Aritaum
Product Code: ARITAUM Idol Pen Liner 0.6ml
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● Products DescriptionARITAUM Idol Pen Liner 0.6ml● How to use

1. Shake twice or three times before use.2. Using for the first time and storing for long with the end of the brush pen upward can impede the eyeliner liquid from smoothly flowing.Then, place the brush-pen end to face downward, momentarily wait, shake and use.3. Make sure the cap is securely closed after use.4. If foundation or eye shadow residues remain on the brush-pen after makeup, gently wipe off with facial tissue before storing the eye liner.

Brand Aritaum
Capacity 0.6ml
Weight 25 g

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