ARITAUM Matte Formular Brow Auto Pencil 0.15g

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Brand: Aritaum
Product Code: ARITAUM Matte Formular Brow Auto Pencil 0.15g
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● Products DescriptionARITAUM Matte Formular Brow Auto Pencil 0.15g2way pencil with slim dagger shapeThe slim lingitudinal plane allows for sophisticated eyebrow lines and delicate expression.By using a transverse plane, you can give a natural color to the entire eyebrow.You can use hard type textures to create a subtle color representation.Contains Long Lasting Sebum Powder to keep eyebrow shape and color without being erased for a long time. ● How to use1. Tidy your eyebrows with a screw brush.2. Determine the desired eyebrow shape with the vertical side of the pencil3. Apply the color naturally to the entire eyebrow area with the horizontal side of the pencil.4. Use a screw brush to smoothly finish.  
Brand Aritaum
Capacity 0.15g
Weight 37 g

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