VDL Expert Color Pot Eyes (Gelato) 3.5g

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Brand: VDL
Product Code: VDL Expert Color Pot Eyes (Gelato) 3.5g
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● Products DescriptionEye shadow with shimmering glitters and delicate marbling color for bright looking eyes and high shine.Using together for more beautiful sweet color marbling, to give various makeup look.Light reflect glitters selected and combine, sugar sprinkle, glitters showered like shimmering look.Clear gel base gives soft and clean makeup.Crystal fixing polymer with net shape, fix color and glitters for long lasting makeup look. VDL GELATO Collection. ● How to use1. Use brush or finger to blend and apply. 2. For clear and bright pearl, rub gently, for color express, press and apply. * Soft texture may give thickness, produce is fine,use cap to press lightly to store.


Brand VDL
Capacity 3.5g
Weight 61 g

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