MISSHA Self Nail Salon Cuticle Pusher 1ea

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Product Code: MISSHA Self Nail Salon Cuticle Pusher 1ea
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● Products DescriptionSilky edge prevent nails from damage, stainless steel material without staining for long use.Nail wrapping round pushing side gently pushes cuticles. Solid straight pushing side removes cuticles delicately upward. ● How to use1. Apply cuticle remover onto cuticles and nail areas, soak for one minute.2. Use round side to gently push cuticles.3. Use straight side to thoroughly remove hard cuticles.4. Clean nail area cuticles using cuticle nipper.* After use, sterilize nipper blade using alcohol and cover with protection cap.  
Capacity 1ea
Weight 108 g

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