DERMA ELRAVIE Ampoule 45ml

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Moist Hyal Power Ampoule

1. Nondestructive moisture barrier with nanoized ceramide complex

2. Maintain moisture from the surface of the skin, and keep it moisturized from the outside, and solve the problem

3. The ultimate moisturization for a long time with deep moisture when you reach the skin

Advanced Repair Recovery Ampoule

1. Relieves tired, sensitive skin and makes skin feel change in the morning

2. Emergency calm ampoule to soothe the scaly skin

3. Special day A skin that is used for delicate skin.

Ferment Honeybush Innerset Ampoule

1. It has a strong energy to withstand the harsh sun Healthy skin with fermented honey bush

2. Complex hyaluronic acid content of 5 molecular weight to give moisture fasting Hydro Solution to Boost

3. Honey bee complex honey extract and propolis build honeybee, The supply of royal jelly for the queen bee has been added to the shine for a long time


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Capacity 45ml
Weight 129 g

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