ISA KNOX Te'rvina LX Regenerating Night Ampoule Capsule 55g

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Product Code: ISA KNOX Te'rvina LX Regenerating Night Ampoule Capsule 55g
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● Products DescriptionISA KNOX Te'rvina LX Regenerating Night Ampoule Capsule 55gPremium Night Care products that capsule intact recombinant placental put one ampoule concentrate the core components contained in the soft, moist skin intensively managed pure gold serum overnight Serve as an encapsulating the active ingredients by applying highly concentrated capsule technology, premium nutritional ingredients in a variety of differentiated feeling. Serum & Capsule Dual Care Brilliance Serum: This serum helps cultivate a fresh sheen of pure gold skin softer and moisturized. Ampoule capsule: the skin will cultivate more robust concentrated nutrition.  ● How to useLast step of basic skin care, it puts ease using the built-in spatula the amount of pure gold serum ampoules and capsules 1-2 eggs, scrambled and tired after pressing with the palm of your hand makes this massage are fully absorbed by the skin. * Use tips - If you mix one egg capsules in addition to the your plain cream you can double the nutrition. - Acu-press and Massage helps slow the of the jaw, temple, both side end of nose with the rounded part of the built-in gold spatula after using the product.   
Capacity 55g
Weight 1074 g

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