ISA KNOX Te'rvina Repair Ampoule Oil 35ml

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Product Code: ISA KNOX Te'rvina Repair Ampoule Oil 35ml
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● Products DescriptionISA KNOX Te'rvina Repair Ampoule Oil 35mlRecreated Placenta Core Ingredients A premium face oil that gives the nutrients and sheen to dry and damaged skin with a golden oil component that contains rHPP-8 ™. ● How to use1. Apply 3 ~ 4 drops of oil to face after applying skin.2. Use 3 to 4 drops of oil in a moisturizing cream or nutrient cream before sleep to use as a sleeping pack.3. When applying makeup, apply 1 ~ 2 drops to base, foundation, BB cream, and it will shine on face.  
Capacity 35ml
Weight 334 g

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