CHOSUNGAH22 Tangle Super Berry Tiny 50ml

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Tangle Super Berry 

Major ingredients12 kinds of super berry (Lycium, raspberry, Marquis Berry,

Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, acai berry, mulberry,

bilberry, cranberry, black quartz runt, blueberries) Rosehip Oil Capsules (Rosehip oil is encapsulated in collagen)

Moisture cream with 12 kinds of berry ingredients rich

in antioxidants. Gel type elastic texture with more than 905 moisture

ingredientsApplication giving gel's firm texture.Rose hip oil capsule provide rich moisture keeping for

long hours. 1% of Rose hip oil capsule balance mix

Moisture oil capsule giving instant quick moisture

absorption.  72 hours of long lasting moisture pack and

moisture elasticity effect.  Cushion rich red gel type


HOW TO USE1. After face wash, at the cream step apply onto face

    with thick layer. 2. Use finger tip to massage and roll, sleep. 3. Apply onto neck and massage upward, tap gently for

    absorption. 4. Apply thick layer onto eyes, mouth and smile line area. Tip. Apply onto easily drying eye area with thick layer,

    use as eye cream.

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity 50ml
Weight 96 g

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