CNP Laboratory Atolime Face & Body Moisturizer 150ml

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Product Code: CNP Laboratory Atolime Face & Body Moisturizer 150ml
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Laboratory Atolime Face & Body


This ultra-light moisturizer delvers hydration for smooth,healthy, 

luminous skin and strengthen your skin barrier all day long.

For All Skin types

Remains oil and moisture balance of skin to create

skin protection veil and helps to remain moisturized

skin against external environment change.   While protecting stimulated skin, helps skin barrier

strengthening and skin damage repair.   Resists stimulation of external environment to help to

strengthen skin defensive power of skin itself. Strengthens original skin power to create resilient and

healthy skin. Mild and gentle touch minimizes skin irritation.

HOW TO USEApply a moderate amount to the face and neck.   Apply to not only the face but also dry body to be


Capacity 150ml
Weight 434 g

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