DR.JART+ V7 Vita Laser 2.1 30ml

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Brand: Dr.Jart
Product Code: [SALE] DR.JART+ V7 Vita Laser 2.1 30ml
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● Products DescriptionCapsulates 7 kinds of vitamin to deliver them to skin stabler and create healthy skin.AA2G whitens flaws by external environment. Oinment-like chewy texture delivers ingredients deep inside skin.7 Non-added additives (Non-artificial colors, non-artificial fragrance, non-mineral oil, non-paraben, non-phthalate, non-triethanolamine, and non-benzophenone)  ● How to useAt the last stage of skin care, apply moderate amount on areas with flaws.     

브이세븐 비타레이저 2.1

Brand Dr.Jart
Capacity 30ml
Weight 75 g

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