MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream 50ml

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Brand: Missha
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Time Revolution

Immortal Youth


Cream contains birch sap, birch sap, arbutin ,

melon extract , shea butter , caffeine , squalane ,

adenosine , resveratrol , carnosine, peptide

complex , etc. It has a strong regenerating ,

anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects .Increases protective function of the skin , improves

its elasticity and firmness , promotes rapid removal

of toxic substances from the cells , improves

microcirculation and blood circulation. The system

adjusts the lift all the features of the face and reduces

fine wrinkles and signs of fatigue. Eliminates

puffiness and congestion , strengthens blood vessels ,

normalizes the lipid balance of the skin , saturating it

with moisture , oxygen and energy . Cream

nourishes and moisturizes the deepest layers of

the skin , restoring the lipid balance ,

improves circulation, has anti-aging,

antioxidant and tonic effect .Massager

and spoon set

How to useApply a small amount of cream on the skin ,

soft movements , using the massager ,

follow the instructions

Brand Missha
Capacity 50ml
Weight 394 g

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