[NAKEUP FACE] Aloe Super Balm 40g

Brand: Nakeup Face
Product Code: [NAKEUP FACE] Aloe Super Balm 40g
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Nakeup Face Aloe Super Balm

▶ Manufacturer :Nowcos
▶ Country of origin : South Korea
▶ Capacity : 40g
▶ Main ingredient
 : Aloe vera, 12 kinds super berries, argan tree kernel oil, Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract

▶ Product description
: Enriched aloe balm for soothing and moisturizing very dry skin
: Protected active ingredients by enriching aloe leaf 200 times with immediate lyophilization.
: Soothe entire skin or dry troubles on certain part fastly with fast absorption.
: Creates moisture layer to treat dry flakes and prevents inner skin dryness.
: Enriched balm melts on skin as soon as applied and creates firm moisture layer.
: 10 free (Artificial colors,PEG talc, phenoxyethanol, parabens,surfactants, mineral oil,benzyl alcohol,dimethicone,triclosan, propylene glycol)

▶ How to use
: Can be used as a night pack, soothing cream for heated skin due to UV rays, eye cream and for water glowing make up.

Brand Nakeup Face
Capacity 40g
Weight 70g

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