Sooryehan Bon Firming Cream 75ml

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Brand: Sooryehan
Product Code: Sooryehan Bon Firming Cream 75ml
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● Products DescriptionSkin contact is immediately put on a solid outpost ginseng concentrated herbal cream containing Ginseng Herbal colleges room elasticity obtained from carefully extracted by breaking a skin nutrition is a product that can care course at a time until spring. Loose exhausted to the outside environment and the resilience tanryeokgam care cream generously capacity that can be managed by giving the disappearing neck skin to cultivate robust.*Water-drip extract method : Dripping drops with cold water for long hours with patience preventing active ingredient damage due to heat, provides highest active ingredients.● How to useLast step of basic care, use spatula to apply right amount onto face evenly and tap gently for absorption
Brand Sooryehan
Capacity 75ml
Weight 454 g

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