HANYUL Tristige Emulsion 125ml

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Brand: Aritaum
Product Code: HANYUL Tristige Emulsion 125ml
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Tristige Emulsion

Highly enriched guekjin-go contains optimally

enhanced ginseng and geukjin-dan to purify the

skin while restoring its resilience.Milk emulsion technology transforms insoluble

nourishing ingredients into rich micro-particles

to provide abundant nutrients and refines into

smooth, soft skin.   Maximizes skin's moisture-reserving power for

enhanced absorption of the next skin care step

ingredient to provide moisture to tired skin while

refining skin texture.HOW TO USEAfter using toner or Tristige Essence in the morning

and evening, pump 2~3 times and evenly spread

using your fingers and palms onto face and neck.

Brand Aritaum
Capacity 125ml
Weight 413 g

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