HANYUL White Chrysanthemum Serum 40ml

Product Code: HANYUL White Chrysanthemum Serum 40ml
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● Products Description
Giving glow to freckles and blemshes, bright skin tone.
Natural whitening extract chrysanthemum improve skin tone and treat original problem of blemishes.
Fresh cosmetics with chrysanthemum to be delivered must be used within 3 months after mixing with own hands.
Chrysanthemum prevent melanin to improve blemish, freckles and dull skin.
● How to use
1. Before using pull out stopper in the middle of cap where whitening powder is.
2. Press powder cap and place in whitening powder into serum.
3. Pull out powder cap and change to separate pump, use after shaking about 20 times.
4. From the date mixing powder and serum use within 3 months.
Capacity 40ml
Weight 150g

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