HUXLEY Essence Brightly Ever After 30ml

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Brand: Huxley
Product Code: HUXLEY Essence Brightly Ever After 30ml
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● Products DescriptionA highly concentrated brightening essence packed with ingredients designed to protect your skin from pollution leaving it refined, bright and radiant.- Anti-pollution- Brightening01. Prickly Pear Seed Oil - Antioxidant & Moisturizing02. Niacinamide - Brightening03. Odeetox - Antioxidant, Anti-pollution, Inhibitions Melanin04. Glutachion - Improving skin tone and05. Bisabolol - Brightening & Soothing● How to use1. After the use of a toner, apply an appropriate amount to your skin2. Gently press with your hands to absorb
Brand Huxley
Capacity 30ml
Weight 175 g

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