LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence EX 40ml

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Brand: Laneige
Product Code: LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence EX 40ml
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● Products Description

   -Elastic and moisturizing care essence for supple younger-looking skin filled with moisture   -Natural water from the Himalayas meets science. The name Laneige is derived from the French word     for snow and likewise this Korean Brand is committed to helping women achieve beautifully clear and    radiant skin just like snow!  -Incorporating the means to combat five signs of ageing, the Laneige Time Freeze Essence utilises    a combination of Dynamic Collagen, hyaluronic acid and brightening agents to reduce flaking skin,    changing complexion, rough skin, loss of elasticity and fine lines. The result is a smoother, brighter and    softer appearance.

● How To Use

   -Apply an appropriate amount on the face.   -starting from the inside and working outward the along skin’s texture.   -Then, gently pat your cheeks, forehead, and chin for better absorption.

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Brand Laneige
Capacity 40ml
Weight 58 g

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