LANEIGE White Dew Ampoule Essence 40ml

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Brand: Laneige
Product Code: [SALE] LANEIGE White Dew Ampoule Essence 40ml
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● Products DescriptionLANEIGE White Dew Ampoule Essence 40mlDark spot and skin tone at once, powerful whiteningThe combination of patented saururus extract and the latest whitening technology improves dark spots and uneven toneMoisturizing whitening ampoule essence containing natural derived Saururus extractWhitening that works mildly on skin with natural extractMela-vita Crusher ™- It is a new concept whitening which lightens the melanin color then brightens even the blemish.Phyto Sugar Water ● How to useUse it at the essence stage when you do morning and evening skin care.  
Brand Laneige
Capacity 40ml
Weight 239 g

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