MONTVERT Moisturising Essence 40ml

Product Code: MONTVERT Moisturising Essence 40ml
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The Moisturising Skin Care Condition Care is good for Moisture care, Antioxidant care and Anti-wrinkle care.
MONTVERT MOISTURIZING SKIN CARE is a moisturizing line that intensively nourishes dry and roughened skin to provide suppleness and radiance. Ingredients excellent in providing moisture including Moist 24, honey extracts, and Brazil nut seed oil form a wet film of moisture on the surface of skin, preventing loss of moisture, and ingredients rich in minerals and moisture including Japanese apricot water and birch sap provide moisture and nourishments to create moist skin.
Ingredients with excellent moisturizing capabilities including Moist 24, Honey Extracts, and Brazil Nut Seed Oil form a film, of moisture on the surface of skin, and Japanese apricot water and Birch Sap, rich in minerals and moisture, supply moisture and nourishments to skin, creating moist skin.
Capacity 40ml
Weight 130g

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