APIEU Baby Tone-Up Eyelighter 15ml

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Brand: A'PIEU
Product Code: APIEU Baby Tone-Up Eyelighter 15ml
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● Products Description

   -Whitening functional cosmetics  -Provides moisture and increases elasticity for the sensitive eye area.  -The Baby NMF Complex, which contains the pink vitamins that fill the transparent vital    and the natural moisturizing factor that exists only in the baby's skin, is moistened with    dewy eyes and gentle eyes.  -Improves on wrinkles on the eye area.   -Cooling Metal Massage: Metal Massage Tip helps absorb the active ingredients and massage    effect on the eyes to keep your eyes healthy.

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   -A'PIEU Baby Tone-Up Eyelighter 15ml
Brand A'PIEU
Capacity 15ml
Weight 42 g

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