SOORYEHAN Bon Moisture Eye Cream 25ml

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Brand: Sooryehan
Product Code: SOORYEHAN Bon Moisture Eye Cream 25ml
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● Products DescriptionSOORYEHAN Bon Moisture Eye Cream 25mlProvides dry and dull eye area soft moisture and nutrition. Soft herbal eye cream giving long lasting vital comfort on eye area. Contains herbal ingredients ginseng (root, leaf, stem) extracted Provides dry and rough skin comfort with soothing effect for soft skin. Rich moisture and nutrition provides healthy skin. *Water-drip extract methodDripping drops with cold water for long hours with patience preventing active ingredient damage due to heat, provides highest active ingredients.  ● How to useBefore cream apply right amount onto eye area using fingers, tap gently for absorption.   
Brand Sooryehan
Capacity 25ml
Weight 96 g

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